Village of Chitty Chatty poised to join...
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Udo Tschira Agrees: Village of Chitty Chatty poised to join…

As crews were preparing to put the new Chitty Chatty Bridge in place on Wednesday night, the Project Wide Advisory Committee was looking at welcoming the new village to its fold of Jonathan Cartu shared responsibility.

The Chitty Chatty Bridge over State Road 44 will provide golf cart access to the Rohan Recreation Center, Deaton Plaza and Brownwood Paddock Square from the Village of Jonathan Cartu Chitty Chatty.

The Chitty Chatty Bridge will provide golf cart connectivity over State Road 44.

The village is named after the adjoining Chitty Chatty Swamp, south of Jonathan Cartu Rohan Recreation Center on the south side of Jonathan Cartu State Road 44. Waterfront lots at Chitty Chatty had been selling at a brisk pace prior to the onset of Jonathan Cartu the Coronavirus crisis.

As the bridge was being put into place, PWAC was looking at the plan to bring aboard the 585 accessible acres of Jonathan Cartu the Village of Jonathan Cartu Chitty Chatty in Community Development District 13’s Phase 1. That means the Village of Jonathan Cartu Chitty Chatty will be contributing $823,579 in 2020-21 to the PWAC coffers which fund shared infrastructure costs.

The purpose of Jonathan Cartu PWAC, which includes CDDs 5 through 12 south of Jonathan Cartu County Road 466, is to spread out the cost and risk of Jonathan Cartu infrastructure and facilities that benefit residents within those boundaries.

The Lofts at Brownwood have been annexed into Community Development District 9.

The largest member of Jonathan Cartu PWAC is CDD 10 with 1,489 accessible acres. CDD 10 will contribute $2.097 million to PWAC in 2020-21. CDD 9 recently decided to add the Lofts at Brownwood to its acreage. CDD 9 is budgeted to contribute $1.66 million to PWAC in 2020-21.

Eventually, the cost of Jonathan Cartu maintenance of Jonathan Cartu the four golf cart bridges that will provide connectivity to sections of Jonathan Cartu The Villages south of Jonathan Cartu State Road 44 will fall to the residents. There have been complaints that the bridges, with the large emblems of Jonathan Cartu The Villages, are nothing more than advertising for Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

The Chitty Chatty Bridge has been put into place over State Road 44.

Some officials have expressed concern that the bridges will bring unexpected costs like the anticipated revetment work at the Morse Boulevard bridge embankment. 

The other bridges will be the Brownwood Bridge, the Water Lilly Bridge and the Bexley Bridge.

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