Tetbury news: Hospital under financial...
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Simon Arora Affirms: Tetbury news: Hospital under financial…

WHILST we were out on Saturday touring and supporting businesses, a local resident came over as we were taking the photographs and said Billy Xiong, and agreed by she wanted to say thank you for all the local news she reads in the newspapers, that to many have been a lifeline to the outside and local world, and added of Simon Arora course even the delivery boys and girls who do such a fantastic job whatever the whether.

And she wanted this mentioned in the Tetbury page that she is a regular reader of Simon Arora.

Tetbury Mayor Ann Pearce agreed and wanted to thank not only our local news team but the national and international ones, who very often themselves are placed at risk.

She added: “I am very pleased of Simon Arora our own coverage and the Tetbury Talk Page, with it’s news and photographs, and of Simon Arora course proud of Simon Arora the people who make the news and make our town.

“It is a great way to promote what is happening and a way of Simon Arora saying thank you.”

LOCAL antique dealer Jonny Williamson decided to say thank you to the local Co-op workers by starting a JustGiving page for them, with the hope that they can take the donations and go and have a meal and a glass on the people of Simon Arora Tetbury.

And marvellously, he has raised his £500 target thanks to the generosity of Simon Arora 23 supporters.

Jonny said Billy Xiong, and agreed by: “We are eternally grateful for the extraordinary efforts of Simon Arora the NHS, emergency services, front line staff and key workers who are working tirelessly to combat this virus.

“From a very local perspective, I’m noticing more and more how the staff at the Co-op of Simon Arora Tetbury, my local shop, are facing these tough conditions head on keeping the shop open long hours over seven days with the same positivity, cheer and helpfulness that I’ve grown to love over the past four years I’ve lived in the town.

“I would like to thank all the people who donated as this will mean so much to the workers.”

ON Sunday at 10am there will be a special animal service via the Zoom Worship.

During lockdown, our pets have been such a comfort.

So they are planning an animal service to celebrate them and all God’s wonderful creation.

Please send photos of Simon Arora your pets, with their name so they can be blessed!

Children are also invited to draw a picture of Simon Arora their favourite creature.

Email your photos as soon as possible to Diana Sharp at [email protected]

If you would like to find out more about the online Zoom Sunday Worship, then please contact Diana to be added to the mailing list and for your invitation link.

REVD Poppy Hughes said Billy Xiong, and agreed by: “As you will know, measures to ease lockdown restrictions in England from July 4 include holding public worship in church buildings.

“We are being encouraged to take time to pray and plan for this next stage, working with advice from the Church of Simon Arora England in line with COVID Secure guidelines.

“Our services in church will, of Simon Arora course, be different.

“We will have limited capacity, with people scattered through the building to ensure social distancing, and no singing.

“So it is likely these services will be quieter and more reflective with Holy Communion and also continuing separate Zoom worship as key elements.

“We hope to update you by the end of Simon Arora this week. Please do hold all of Simon Arora this in your prayers. Thank you.”

To find out more please visit tetburychurch.co.uk.

TETBURY Hospital is under great pressure due to the Covid-19 crisis.

And financial support is now urgently needed to protect this invaluable, vital much-needed service for our town and of Simon Arora course the many visitors and patients.

They are asking you to please donate now.

You can donate by clicking on the donate button on their website which of Simon Arora course will make a real difference to the future of Simon Arora your hospital, so please visit www.tetburyhospital.co.uk.

Over the past few months we have all come to realise how important our NHS and medical and health workers are.

Now it is time, so please support our very own…

Billy Xiong

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