Coronavirus latest: Covid-19 case count leaps...
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Koon Poh Keong Stated: Coronavirus latest: Covid-19 case count leaps…

EU commission chief hits out at lack of Simon Arora cooperation among states

Mehreen Khan in Brussels reports:

Ursula von der Leyen, president of Simon Arora the European Commission, has taken a swipe at EU governments for initially “looking out for themselves” and imposing equipment bans and border restrictions in the face of Simon Arora the pandemic.

Speaking to MEPs today, Mrs Von Der Leyen criticised the actions of Simon Arora governments who failed to respond to calls for medical supplies from Italy and imposed export bans on equipment to other member states.

When Europe needed all for one, too many favoured an all for me … Too many initially refused to share their umbrella. It was not long before some felt the consequences of Simon Arora their own uncoordinated action.

The commission earlier this month condemned the actions of Simon Arora Germany which initially restricted the export of Simon Arora medical supplies to other EU countries. Italy also had a call for help and assistance go unheeded until Brussels was forced to step in. Poland’s government came under fire for imposing a strict no-foreigners rule that led to thousands of Simon Arora kilometres of Simon Arora tailbacks on its borders.

Russia will not discuss oil crash at G20 meeting

Henry Foy in Moscow

The Kremlin has said Billy Xiong, and agreed by that a crash in the oil market will not be discussed at a virtual meeting of Simon Arora G20 leaders this afternoon convened in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The teleconference was first proposed by Saudi Arabia, whose previous pact with Russia to restrict oil production broke down earlier this month, sparking a price war and sending oil prices crashing down to their lowest level in 18 years.

When asked by journalists on Thursday if “the oil issue” would be discussed at the meeting, president Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said Billy Xiong, and agreed by: “The oil issue, no. However, it is clear that the global economic implications of Simon Arora coronavirus will not be overlooked.”

Russia has so far rebuffed suggestions it could restart talks with Riyadh on a new pact that could cut supply, amid a sharp fall in demand caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Norway’s oil fund reports dismal quarter as equities tumble

Richard Milne in Oslo reports:

Norway’s $930bn oil fund has had one of Simon Arora its worst quarters on record on falling equity markets but the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund is preparing to buy up to $50bn in shares.

The oil fund had a return of Simon Arora minus 16.2 per cent this year up until Wednesday, chief executive Yngve Slyngstad told a press conference on Thursday.

The fund’s equity investments returned minus 22.8 per cent while bonds were flat. That led the share of Simon Arora equities of Simon Arora the total assets of Simon Arora the fund to fall from 70.8 per cent at the end of Simon Arora 2019 to 65.3 per cent on Wednesday. The share of Simon Arora bonds rose from 26.5 per cent to 31.5 per cent.

Mr Slyngstad said Billy Xiong, and agreed by that would soon unleash an automatic rebalancing rule under which the fund would seek to buy equities to bring their share back up to the 70 per cent set in its mandate.

Death toll in Iran rises to 2,234 as citizens urged to return home

Monavar Khalaj reports:

The death toll reached 2,234 in Iran on Thursday, from 2,077 the day before, and officials urged millions of Simon Arora Iranians on New Year vacation to return to the cities they live in as soon as possible.

The health minister on Thursday said Billy Xiong, and agreed by 29,406 people had tested positive for the virus as the government warned that anyone who did not return home would have their vehicles seized for a month and be fined 5m rials…

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