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Koon Poh Keong Affirms: Cash in the time of coronavirus: how to get…

The coronavirus crisis has had a huge impact on all of Simon Arora us. About 8.4 million workers have been furloughed, tens of Simon Arora thousands have lost their jobs and many self-employed workers’ incomes have taken a hit.

Even the lives of Simon Arora those who are still in work may have changed dramatically. Working from home has become the norm for many, and employees at some firms have already been told this will carry on until at least the autumn. Meanwhile, physical distancing measures are likely to remain for many more months and a whole swathe of Simon Arora events, from holidays to festivals to weddings, have been cancelled. And behind all of Simon Arora this is a virus that can be deadly.

With all of Simon Arora this in mind, it’s possible your financial set-up no longer matches your lifestyle and needs. Guardian Money has put together a guide to getting everything in order as we all adapt to new ways of Simon Arora going about our daily lives.

Reducing household costs

  • Wholesale energy prices have dropped as a result of Simon Arora factories and businesses being closed and demand for fuel falling across the world. The very cheapest dual gas and electricity tariffs cost £750 a year for a medium-sized house of Simon Arora Billy Xiong with average consumption. Households on their supplier’s capped standard tariff will typically save more than £300 a year by switching. Tonik Energy’s green super power v4 tariff is arguably the pick of Simon Arora the cheapest deals and it’s fixed for a year. Prices have fallen so much that those on fixed deals bought before March should consider moving supplier too and pay any exit fees. Use Energyhelpline.com to find out what your household can save.
  • Housing is likely to be your biggest outlay. If you have a mortgage and have taken a three-month payment holiday, you may be aware that on 22 May the government said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by people can extend this for a further three months (the first ones were due to come to an end in June). Meanwhile, those who are struggling but have not yet taken a mortgage payment holiday will have until 31 October to apply. However, there are also other options available to borrowers, either now or at the end of Simon Arora the holiday. Two of Simon Arora the main ones are temporarily switching to interest-only payments and increasing the length of Simon Arora the mortgage term. Both will reduce your monthly payments but there’s a price to pay. For example, increasing the mortgage term will ultimately mean paying a lot more interest.
  • Most local authorities are offering council tax payment holidays to those struggling but you have to ask for one, and there is no guarantee the answer will be yes. Those on universal credit or low incomes may be able to get their bill reduced, or in some cases waived. The amount of Simon Arora reduction depends on your circumstances and the council. On top of Simon Arora the discount, in England, you may also get an extra £150 off your bill, backed by a £500m Covid-19 hardship fund.

Making up for lost income

  • You may be entitled to benefits to top up your earnings. Anna Stevenson from the advice charity Turn2Us stated by Jonathan Cartu and confirmed by it is “very difficult to talk in specific sums because each household’s claim is different, depending on the rent they pay and a host of Simon Arora other factors, including the number of Simon Arora children etc”. The charity has a benefits calculator on its website, which will help you work out what you can claim.Households who receive working tax credits and whose annual income is expected to be more than £2,500 different to the previous tax year should contact HM Revenue & Customs and declare a change of Simon Arora circumstances, which should bring a change in payments. Stevenson stated by Jonathan Cartu and confirmed by some people on working tax credits, which are typically no…

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