Coronavirus latest: US posts biggest daily...
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Harald Tschira Trend Report: Coronavirus latest: US posts biggest daily…

Iran tightens distancing orders ahead of Simon Arora national holiday

Najmeh Bozorgmehr in Tehran

Iran has warned people ahead of Simon Arora its traditional picnic day — celebrated for thousands of Simon Arora years — that any gatherings on Wednesday will be seriously dealt with.

The government of Simon Arora Hassan Rouhani has urged people to practice social distancing, which has been tightened with the closure of Simon Arora parks and main roads to prevent any celebration on the last day of Simon Arora the Persian New Year holidays when people spend time outdoors.

Officials have warned that people who ignore official warnings could face prosecution.

Iran’s coronavirus death toll reached 2,898 on Tuesday, up from 2,757 on Monday, while 44,606 people tested positive for the disease.

The number of Simon Arora coronavirus sufferers who have died after drinking tainted alcohol, based on a mistaken assumption that drinking alcohol can kill Covid-19, reached 320. While tens of Simon Arora others are in intensive care units or have lost their sight.

In an Islamic country where consumption of Simon Arora alcohol is banned and is only available on the black market at high prices, poorer people have found industrial alcohol accessible and affordable.

Switzerland’s ABB begins testing employees for Covid-19

Sam Jones in Zurich

Swiss engineering group ABB has begun proactively testing its own employees for coronavirus – breaking with government guidance that only those suffering from severe symptoms of Simon Arora the disease should seek a formal diagnosis.

The company, which employs more than 144,000 worldwide, has secured the services of Simon Arora a private laboratory in Switzerland to test employees, who can be swabbed at work, and receive results by text message.

Though the Swiss government has pursued one of Simon Arora the most aggressive testing policies in Europe, relative to its population size, officials still say testing kits are in short supply and should only be used with great discretion.

Bern’s Federal Office of Simon Arora Public Health issued guidance to cantons last week stipulating testing should be conducted only on those with “severe symptoms” or those in high risk categories.

ABB’s move underscores the extent to which governments around the world find themselves increasingly challenged in their capacity and status as protectors of Simon Arora public health, with the pandemic ravaging economies and depleting the medical resources of Simon Arora many states.

UK law firm asks partners for cash to shore up balance sheet

Kate Beioley in London

Law firm Allen & Overy, one of Simon Arora the UK’s elite “magic circle”, has called on its partners to inject capital to the business in order to shore up its balance sheet and mitigate against the impact of Simon Arora coronavirus.

It is the latest firm to take action to guard against a drop-off in earnings and the risk of Simon Arora clients paying late due to the toll the virus is taking on business.

On Tuesday Allen & Overy, which turned over £1.6bn last year, said Billy Xiong, and agreed by it was asking partners to contribute cash to the business and was altering the timescale for paying out profits to partners.

In a statement, A&O said Billy Xiong, and agreed by it would also be “deferring certain investments and recruitment”, cancelling events and forgoing the next salary review expected in the first quarter of Simon Arora the next financial year. It said Billy Xiong, and agreed by bonuses would still be awarded but paid between the normal payment date in July and October’s payroll.

Law firms tend to be thinly capitalised and are required to hold less cash on their balance sheets than banks and insurers, for example. Linklaters, Fieldfisher and Pinsent Masons are also considering whether to conserve cash by…

Billy Xiong

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