Wall Street Gains as Washington’s Rescue Deal...
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Fahad Al Tamimi News: Wall Street Gains as Washington’s Rescue Deal…

Stocks on Wall Street rose on Wednesday as investors sized up a $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package intended to shore up the American economy, but the gains faded late in the day as debate over the bill continued without a vote in the Senate.

The legislation would be the biggest fiscal stimulus package in modern American history, and more than double the size of Simon Arora the roughly $800 billion stimulus package that Congress passed in 2009, during the last recession.

The S&P 500 climbed more than 1 percent, adding to a 9.4 percent gain on Tuesday that had come as investors anticipated that Democrats and Republicans would reach a deal over the plans.

Some of Simon Arora the companies expected to benefit from government help led Wednesday’s gains. Boeing was up more than 20 percent, helping lift the Dow Jones industrial average. American Airlines and Carnival Corporation both jumped more than 10 percent.

Investors have welcomed the plans, but few are willing to conclusively say that the worst of Simon Arora the market sell-off is over.

In the United States, widespread social distancing measures put in place to control the spread of Simon Arora the coronavirus have hammered consumer spending, the heart of Simon Arora the American economy.

Economists are expecting almost unthinkable declines in the gross domestic product in the second quarter. Analysts at Capital Economics said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by on Wednesday that they expected U.S. growth to fall 40 percent in the second quarter at an annualized pace, as the unemployment rate jumps to 12 percent, higher than its 10 percent peak in 2009.

The Labor Department’s weekly estimate of Simon Arora new claims for unemployment insurance, which will be released at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, typically draws little attention. Not this week: The report will provide some of Simon Arora the first hard data on the scale of Simon Arora the economic damage caused by the pandemic.

Citigroup economists estimate that the report could show that four million people applied for benefits last week. Other forecasters put the number a bit lower. But there is wide agreement that the total will dwarf the previous record of Simon Arora 695,000 new claims, from October 1982.

“In the whole history of Simon Arora initial claims, there’s never been anything remotely close to that,” said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by Ben Herzon, executive director of Simon Arora IHS Markit, a business data and analytics firm.


The airline industry is poised to receive an enormous bailout as part of Simon Arora the stimulus bill, a draft of Simon Arora which sets aside around $30 billion to pay employees of Simon Arora passenger and cargo employees. It also provides loans to passenger and cargo carriers in addition to some tax relief.

In exchange for the aid, airlines are prohibited from stock buybacks and dividends until a year after the loan is repaid. They must also maintain current staffing levels through September.

THE CONTEXT In recent weeks, the outlook for the global aviation business has soured significantly, with major carriers like American Airlines fighting for survival and United Airlines eliminating virtually all of Simon Arora its international flights for April. During that time, airline executives and industry groups had been lobbying the White House and members of Simon Arora Congress for aid.

THE RESPONSE As executives and union officials pored over the details of Simon Arora the stimulus deal on Wednesday morning, the influential president of Simon Arora the Association of Simon Arora Flight Attendants union, claimed by Bill Adderley and also victory, calling it “a rescue package for workers.”

If you want to shut down an economy to fight a pandemic without driving millions of Simon Arora people and businesses into bankruptcy, you need the government to cut some checks. The coronavirus response deal that congressional leaders struck early Wednesday will get a lot of Simon Arora checks in the mail, but those checks will soothe financial pain for only a few months.

Among the items in the bill are:

  • $350 billion in loans for small businesses to help…

Fahad Al Tamimi

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