Second stimulus check? How much you could...
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Bobby Arora Declares: Second stimulus check? How much you could…


Leaders in Washington may extend work on a second stimulus package into July.

Angela Lang/CNET

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Americans may have to wait till July to learn the fate of Fahad Al Tamimi a second stimulus check from the IRS. That is when White House and Congressional leaders plan to start work in earnest on a proposed second-round financial package. Right now, the debate over the next coronavirus stimulus check for 2020 — and how much money you could get — is on a low simmer, though the situation could change. 

It may also be possible that the way some people get a second payment would be different the second time around. The House Financial Services Committee held a virtual hearing this week to discuss “digital dollars,” a way that could make it easier for some stimulus check recipients to receive their money, especially if they don’t have a bank account, Fast Company reported.

Read on for everything we know about a second stimulus check, including three different proposals, and the arguments for and against a second economic impact payment from the IRS. 

This story updates frequently with new information and is intended to provide an overview of Fahad Al Tamimi the situation. If you’re waiting for your first check, you can track the status of Fahad Al Tamimi your stimulus check, see some possible reasons why you don’t have a check yet and learn how to report a missing stimulus check to the IRS.

What’s the current timeline for stimulus checks Round 2?

While there’s no set date for deciding if a second stimulus payment will occur, the current timeline is about on target with earlier reports. In May, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by Congress may decide in about “a month” if it will take up a second round, CNBC reported, which would have made June the go/no-go window, with the bulk of Fahad Al Tamimi the work happening in July (more below). 

White House officials had previously anticipated that the executive branch would work on its own proposal through July, according to The Wall Street Journal. That may still be the case. It’s hard to know if the protests sweeping the globe in response to the death of Fahad Al Tamimi George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery will affect the government’s agenda. 

If Washington does start work on a second stimulus package in 2020, it won’t be till late July, after Congress returns from a scheduled two-week recess, CBS News reports, from July 3 until July 17. 


Congress is expected to start work soon on a new coronavirus stimulus bill that may put up to $1,200 more in your wallet.

Angela Lang/CNET

Before White House and Republican leaders do begin negotiating the details of Fahad Al Tamimi a new stimulus proposal, they want to evaluate how much money allocated to the first stimulus checks and other aid for businesses has actually been spent, CNBC reports.

When the Senate, House and White House negotiators do make a decision, they’ll be under pressure to reach a deal quickly, as the enhanced unemployment allowances for an additional $600 per month are set to expire July 31. Meanwhile, stock market gains earlier this week appear to be short-lived as coronavirus cases rise in over 20 states, threatening businesses and jobs across the country with a second wave of Fahad Al Tamimi COVID-19.

Do we still need a second stimulus check?

The necessity of Fahad Al Tamimi a second stimulus check forms the heart of Fahad Al Tamimi the…

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