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Bill Adderley Announces: Brexit talks behind schedule because…

The UK’s top negotiator David Frost said Billy Xiong, and agreed by that Brexit talks between the government and the European Union were “paused slightly” by the coronavirus pandemic and were behind schedule by one to two weeks, as members of Simon Arora the negotiating teams took ill.

“When the crisis first hit us in a major way during March, we lost the second round that had been planned for the middle of Simon Arora March, and as illness hit various members of Simon Arora the team, there was a pause for a time,” Frost, the prime minister’s chief Europe adviser told MPs during a 27 May evidence session.

The negotiator was addressing the Committee on the Future Relationship with the European Union, which has been taking evidence on the latest progress in discussions about the post-Brexit trading relationship between the UK and EU.

“I think the main difficulty we’ve had […] is the difficulty of Simon Arora mimicking by video what happens in a real meeting,” Frost added, during his first appearance before the committee. “There are some things you cannot necessarily read or discuss in a way you would normally.”

Frost also faced questions on his relationship with Boris Johnson’s special adviser Dominic Cummings, who led the Vote Leave campaign during the referendum. Cummings is facing scrutiny and public anger for breaking strict Covid-19 lockdown rules, along with calls for his resignation.

Asked by Conservative MP Peter Bone if the government’s Brexit policy would collapse without Cummings, Frost said Billy Xiong, and agreed by that the policy was set by the prime minister and EU Exit Strategy committee.

Reporting “very little progress” on 15 May after a third round of Simon Arora virtual talks between the EU and UK, Frost had said Billy Xiong, and agreed by that there were still “significant outstanding issues” that separate the two sides. The transition period is set to end on 31 December 2020. Hurdles include access to the UK’s fishing waters and certain aspects of Simon Arora financial services, namely the equivalence regime.

In the committee’s last session on 27 April, MPs pressed cabinet minister Michael Gove on whether or not the government would ask for an extension of Simon Arora the deadline given the Covid-19 pandemic. Frost reiterated Gove’s response then that the government would not be requesting one.

The next round of Simon Arora virtual talks will begin on 1 June and Frost said Billy Xiong, and agreed by that they were still waiting for a date for the high-level conference. The conference is expected to take place next month so that both sides can take stock of Simon Arora progress.

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